Top 5 Redi-Rock Usages

Redi-Rock™ Retaining Wall backyard terrace
So what are your landscaping plans for Spring of 2017? Yes spring! It’s literally around the corner and Redi-Rock is ready to help.
Top 5 Redi-Rock Usages

What’s Redi-Rock? Think giant concrete lego blocks that are almost as easy to put together. Well, if you have a piece of heavy equipment to move them around that is. If you want a particular colour you can even stain them after they’re installed, or choose a designer face such as Ledgestone or Cobblestone to work with your current landscape theme or natural environment. So without further adieu…let’s look at our top 5 favourite applications:

1. Retaining Walls – Some applications may require georgic depending on engineering recommendations, but for most applications Redi-Rock requires no tiebacks so you can build them tall.

2. Planter Walls – This is the year you can build the better garden. Implementing terracing or the use of planter walls is a sure fire way to create the environment that you’re looking for without taking up all of your yard space.

3. Patios – If you’re among the many people with a sloped yard, you know the challenge of having the lack of sitting or entertaining areas. Consider Redi-Rock, the building blocks that are going to renew your outdoor living space and provide a year round entertaining area.

4. Water Features – Engineered but natural looking, Redi-Rock can be used to build ponds, swimming pool surrounds, and water features. Imagination is the only limitation here.

5. Flood/Erosion Protection – For those who live close to water, the interlocking system allows you to build and protect the terra ferma that may have its days numbered.
Whether you can envision one application for Redi-Rock or all five, this is one product that can add low maintenance improvements for your landscape design. Feel free to browse the rest of our site for more ideas and images.


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