Structural Concrete Products

Nanaimo Precast structural concrete products are a great choice for large projects and developments. There are designed to handle extreme weather conditions and last for decades. Our architectural precast products include bridge panels and abutments, insulated and uninsulated wall panels and beams, as well as box culverts, hydro boxes, marine anchors, and custom products. Take a look at some of our recent projects.

Nanaimo Precast manufactures and supplies MOTI approved precast products required for municipal development, highway, parkade, and parking lot applications. Our precast products include

  • CRB-690mm Roadside Barriers
  • CMB-810mm Median Barriers
  • Street light pole bases
  • Spreadfooting and Service bases
  • Road Dividers and Parking curbs (wheelstops)
  • Security barriers
  • Traffic control basis
  • Pedestrian Control bases
Nanaimo Precast Project - over water bridge at Nanaimo Golf Course