Concrete Tanks

Nanaimo Precast is an industry leader in precast tanks and exceeds industry standards. We offer a full line of concrete waste water and fresh water components including concrete septic tanks, holding tanks, pump chambers, cisterns, oil water separators, and well casings. We manufacture and supply concrete tanks in all standard sizes from 275 Imperial Gallon to 5000 Imperial Gallons, but if you need something specific we can custom build it for you.

Our concrete tanks are nontoxic, environmentally safe, and considered the best in the industry. We use new molds for manufacturing and include NovoMesh 950, a patented fiber-mesh filament reinforcement that increases the bond strength and creates a longer lasting product. For on-site waste water, municipal water works projects, or residential building projects on Vancouver Island, we deliver concrete tanks via crane truck directly to your building site, placing them exactly where they need to be.

It’s always advisable to consult a P.Eng, Geotech or ROWP prior to ordering product to ensure you are meeting all specifications. Note that ALL concrete tanks must be backfilled to the top of the tank on all sides regardless of original or final elevation.

Concrete Tanks and Precast Products Available

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