Nanaimo Precast Ltd is the only licensed Redi-Rock manufacturer on Vancouver Island. Redi-Rock™ is a versatile building material ideal for building planter walls, water features, steps, columns, and patios, but it’s more than a pretty rock face. Redi-Rock also allows you to build non-reinforced retainer walls that are up to 50% higher than other systems without using geogrid, tiebacks, or compromising strength and quality.

Redi-Rock retaining walls provide flood protection and prevent erosion with an easy to install system that will last for decades. The Redi-Rock Design Resource Manual is available for download and provides more information about the different kinds of blocks that are available, construction details, design charts, infill weights and testing data. You can also access Redi-Rock preliminary retaining wall design charts here.

Installation is easy, and features a Lego® like building system. We can refer you to qualified Redi-Rock installers in your area.

Concrete Tanks
Nanaimo Precast is an industry leader in precast tanks and exceeds industry standards. We offer a full line of concrete waste water and fresh water components including concrete septic tanks, holding tanks, pump chambers, cisterns, oil water separators, and well casings. We manufacture and supply concrete tanks in all standard sizes from 275 Imperial Gallon to 5000 Imperial Gallons, but if you need something specific we can custom build it for you.

Our concrete tanks are nontoxic, environmentally safe, and considered the best in the industry. We use new molds for manufacturing and include NovoMesh 950, a patented fiber-mesh filament reinforcement that increases the bond strength and creates a longer lasting product. For on-site waste water, municipal water works projects, or residential building projects on Vancouver Island, we deliver concrete tanks via crane truck directly to your building site, placing them exactly where they need to be.

It’s always advisable to consult a P.Eng, Geotech or ROWP prior to ordering product to ensure you are meeting all specifications. Note that ALL concrete tanks must be backfilled to the top of the tank on all sides regardless of original or final elevation.

Concrete Tanks and Precast Products Available

Structural Concrete Products
Nanaimo Precast structural concrete products are a great choice for large projects and developments. There are designed to handle extreme weather conditions and last for decades. Our architectural precast products include bridge panels and abutments, insulated and uninsulated wall panels and beams, as well as box culverts, hydro boxes, marine anchors, and custom products. Take a look at some of our recent projects.

Nanaimo Precast manufactures and supplies MOTI approved precast products required for municipal development, highway, parkade, and parking lot applications. Our precast products include

  • CRB-690mm Roadside Barriers
  • CMB-810mm Median Barriers
  • Street light pole bases
  • Spreadfooting and Service bases
  • Road Dividers and Parking curbs (wheelstops)
  • Security barriers
  • Traffic control basis
  • Pedestrian Control bases