Lighting Up The Neighbourhood: Lamp Bases

We have a very stealthy offering in our concrete product line. While they’re very common, if you’re like most people you probably don’t really “see them” unless you’re looking for them. Ever felt grateful for the street light on your way to a parking lot? Ever had to sit at an intersection or on the highway waiting for a red light to change? How about waiting for the little guy at the crosswalk to give you the go-ahead to cross the street? If so, there’s a good chance that you have seen these kinds of products in your neighbourhood, or at least the top two inches of them. Lamp bases.

While the upper portion of a lamp gets all the credit, what’s under the ground is every bit as important. While you may not actually see the precast concrete lamp bases, they’re what provide the stability for these important neighbourhood assets and give the street lights a stable anchor to attach to. That’s a lot of responsibility when you think about it, and the reason why the engineering of the base has to be very precise.

Each kind of lamp base we sell is engineered specifically for the weight and structure of the lamp posts that will attach to it. If you’ve ever put fence posts in the ground, you’ll recognize the importance of having a solid and stable footing associated with each of your main posts. The larger the section above ground is, the larger or heavier the section below ground needs to be to keep the structure’s integrity. The C1, one of the more popular models we manufacture, weighs 4400lbs!

Nanaimo Precast manufactures and supplies a variety of lamp bases that are used in newly designed residential developments for street lights, crosswalks, roads, and highway construction projects. Either trapezoid or cylindrical in shape, our lamp bases are engineered specifically for their important function. The C1 lamp Base is the most common choice used by municipalities and offers a simple and secure solution to architects and project managers alike. As with any of our products, drawings can be developed to engineer them specifically for your project so custom options are also available.


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Lighting Up The Neighbourhood: Lamp Bases

We have a very stealthy offering in our concrete product line. While they're very common, if …

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