Cisterns & Water Holding Tanks


Nanaimo receives an average of 46” of rainfall a year. If you think that’s a lot, Tofino gets 128”. Ever wondered where all this rain goes? Naturally, it either absorbs into the earth or evaporates into the atmosphere, but there’s also a third option.

Now imagine its one of those crispy summer months and your garden and lawn are begging for a good drink. While you’re hearing about local water restrictions, wouldn’t it be great if you’d been able to save all that perfectly good water? Imagine not having to tap into your city or well water each and every time you want to use water. Enter the practicality of installing a cistern.

Here are the 5 things you need to know about Cisterns and Water Holding Tanks:

  1. Environmentally Friendly – Conserving water is obviously the big winner here, and making sustainable choices just makes sense.
  2. Cement Construction– Forget the stereotype of a big green container sitting in your backyard. Our cement tanks are buried on the property so you can conserve water, and enjoy access to your entire property. Environmental Bonus: Our nontoxic concrete tanks have an extraordinarily long life cycle and can last over 100 years. As odd as it sounds, they outlive our customers.
  3. Custom Sizes – Our most commonly purchased cistern is a 2000 gallon (7571L) tank, (which is about the same size tank as you’d see on a water truck) but we also offer larger and smaller sizes as well as custom sizes. That’s a lot of water, and every time it rains your tank gets a convenient top up.
  4. Delivery – Our engineered cisterns are delivered all across BC, and we’re often able to set a new tank directly into place from the back of our truck. Interestingly, 50% of all of our cisterns are delivered to the Gulf Islands so if you’re water options are limited, collecting it with a Nanaimo Precast cistern is a great solution. (Image of tank on truck)
  5. Save Money – Having a cistern shouldn’t be reserved for those situations where you really don’t have another water choice. If you’re paying a monthly water bill, you can reduce it by half or even three quarters by adding a cistern. You also get the bonus of being a more conscientious environmental steward for the next century. High five.

It’s easy to see why a cistern system makes sense. Our annual 46” of rain translates into 100,000 litres of fresh, drinkable water. Perhaps this year is the year to save some of it?

Cisterns 2000 Gallon Cistern being loaded.



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